The Uniontown Grace Brethren Church is a congregation of warm, loving, caring individuals who offer…

  • Worship… that's creative and inspiring;
  • Instruction in God's Word… that's both timeless and timely;
  • Fellowship… that's vital and supportive; and an
  • Evangelistic outreach and ministry… into our world.

Our motto is "The Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible." In 2011, we're specially focusing on going deeper into God's Word, and undertaking new and exciting ministries for Him this year That's why our 2011 theme is "Let's Go Deeper," based on Luke 5:4.

Our beautiful church campus (located at 100 Grace Lane, just four houses below the Hatfield Elementary School just off Derrick Avenue) is situated in the midst of 15 acres of lovely rolling woodlands, right here in the heart of the greater Uniontown suburban area. Be sure to watch for our seasonally decorated church signs.

Our family-friendly congregation has activities for all ages, and extends a warm welcome to you. We'd love to have you come worship with us, and grow to be a part of our church family.